The Baratta Exploration Licence Application (ELA2021/37) is underlain by Adelaidean rocks of the Flinders Ranges.  The Adelaidean sequences share important geological characteristics with the Central African Copperbelt.  Stelar recognises the potential for Zambian-style copper mineralisation (sediment-hosted copper deposit – SHCD) as well as diapir-hosted mineralisation (Beltana-Kipushi type).  

Just outside the Baratta ELA, the historic Baratta Copper Mine is reported to have produced 160 tons of 30% copper ore between 1896 and 1904 from as zone of workings 7.5km long on the northern limb of the Bibliando Dome.  Mineralisation is associated with sinuous north-south and NE-SW trending structures that controlled the intrusion of salt diapirs.  This structure extends into Stelar’s ELA.

Potential for SHCD mineralisation is further supported by the recent discovery made by Taruga Minerals at Wyacca.  Baratta is directly east along strike from the Wyacca Prospect.

This project is at a very early stage and Stelar plans to advance exploration when the licence is granted to define  copper and base-metal targets in the Tindelpina Shale Member and diapiric structures for drilling.