The Torrens Project comprises two granted exploration licences Bill’s Lookout (EL 6264) and West Well (EL 6572) which cover about 1,200 km2 located ~40 km east of Olympic Dam.

Stelar consider that Mesoproterozoic basement of the project area is prospective for Olympic Dam style IOCG mineralisation.

The only significant exploration over these tenements occured in the 1970’s to mid 1980’s when WMC tested several magnetic features exploring for Olympic Dam style IOCG mineralisation .  

Exploration by Stelar is in its early stages. Stelar is building on an exploration dataset and targeting completed by WMC.  None of the defined targets in the EL have been tested. The main Bill’s Lookout target which is centred just off the EL to the west was tested by WMC.  Hole BLD3 intersected gabbro in the basement and that target was downgraded.  

To date, only one hole has reached basement in the project area. The prospective Mesoproterozoic basement is likely under more than 500m, and in places there may be up to 1,000m, of Neoproterozoic and younger cover.

The overlying cover sequences are also considered to have potential to host sedimentary copper and zinc  mineralisation at much shallower depths in the Cambrian and Adelaidean cover.